How it works

We are sports betting consultants at your service to provide you with winning picks. This means that we give recommendations in the form of betting picks for sporting events. We are experts at what we do as we study the numbers to ensure a high return on investment.  We study and bet on numbers, not on teams.

1. select a package

Purchase one of our packages

2. join our telegram

Once payment goes through, you will receive an email or a message on instagram with a link to our telegram. This is where the plays are posted.

3. make your bets

Make your bets on a betting site such as Bet365, Betway and Bovada.  

how much to bet?

The plays are posted along with the recommended units. A unit is the average amount that you are comfortable betting with. For example, if you’re comfortable with betting in $20 units, you would place $20 on a 1 unit play and $100 on a 5 unit play.